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Fachada Unidade aclimacao


Inaugurated in 2015, the third Pueri Domus unit in the city of São Paulo was built next to Parque da Aclimação. The school brings in its essence the same care and precepts that have marked its entire trajectory.

Meet the Campus

Spaces designed for integral learning, far beyond the classroom.

Destaque Unidade aclimacao
Imagem Unidade aclimacao Imagem Unidade aclimacao

“When the world was still wondering if it was valid to give children a voice, here they were already chosen as the protagonists in the construction of their knowledge.”

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Imagem Unidade aclimacao
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Biosafety Protocol
for Return to Classroom Activities

Our top priority upon returning to classes is the health of the entire student community. With this in mind, the Pueri Domus has developed, in partnership with infectologists, a Biosafety Guide to explain the general procedures adopted in all units.

The Guide was prepared taking into account all instances: health, governmental, educational, civil society and our educational community.
Download the complete Guide and inform yourself:

Download the Guidebook


Rua Muniz de Sousa, 1051
São Paulo - SP

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Schedule an online visit

As a prevention measure against the spread of Covid-19, we have temporarily suspended face-to-face appointments and all services will be provided exclusively online.

The contact information for parents or guardians to communicate with our staff has been forwarded via the Binóculo app. If this is your first contact, please schedule an appointment through our website.

We appreciate your understanding.